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DEZ diet products have been on the market since 1999 and stand for uncompromising quality and success in healthy, rapid weight loss.

Lose Weight with Enjoyment & Success!

Diet, Nutrition, Weight reduction and more...

Our advantage

The DEZ diet products contain more servings and cost less per serving than the products of the competition. Constant buying of the products as with the competition is no longer necessary. In addition, effective and healthy weight loss is very important to us and is in the foreground!

Quick start for a month

In order to achieve an effective, fast and above all healthy start to weight loss, we have put together our starter package for you, consisting of our most popular shakes. Our customers tell us about successes between 8-11kg depending of course on the respective takeoff weight.

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10% reduced compared to the regular price!

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Lots of servings

Our diet shake is enough for more servings than other products on the market

Most valuable ingredients

Our high quality diet products contain the best of nature.

DEZ Silber mit Kosmetikgeschenk!!!

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Our DEZ Silver Diet Box is for everyone who wants to start losing weight. With this package it is possible to lose up to 10KG within a month. The following are included: 1x DEZ Start (vanilla) for the first two days 1x DEZ Shaker for quickly mixing and stirring our delicious shakes 2x DEZ Diet Box, please choose your taste: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ...

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How the DEZ diet works

The basic rule: In order to lose weight, the body needs to absorb less energy than it needs to use. The DEZ Diet shows you the way to get there.

The principle

With our diet, you simply replace 1-2 meals a day with one of our delicious shakes and drink 2-3l calorie-free drinks. This supplies the body with the nutrients it needs and leaves you feeling full. The remaining energy required is obtained from the excess fat tissue.

Stimulate fat burning

The body can only break down excess fat when your insulin levels are low. When you eat snacks (of whatever kind) this level fluctuates up and down, making it impossible to lose weight. If you keep the 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and replace 1-2 of these meals with a DEZ diet product, you can keep your insulin level constantly low and accelerate fat burning.

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