BIA Measurement

The BIA measurement requires special training, which is why there are so far only a few experts in this field. The participants are guaranteed to lose weight in a healthy way without going hungry. The success is confirmed in regular examinations, such as the BIA measurement and the weight history.
This special measuring method determines the individual body composition of each individual patient at the beginning and is important as a basis for setting up a diet program. The nutritionist discusses this with his patient.

The BIA measurement is repeated in the practice at regular intervals and the ratio of fat mass, cell mass and body mass as well as the nutritional status are determined. This enables the patient and the nutritionist as well as the dietitian to precisely document the patient's progress and to explain any fluctuations due to stagnant or no weight reduction. The changes are easy for the patient to understand through graphical representations and the explanations provided by the nutritionist, and problems during the program are addressed directly.
The participants from outside are optimally observed through regular appointments and progress can be determined. Due to the commercial activities in the company, the dispatch of the DEZ diet products to cities further afield is guaranteed directly to the participants.

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