Proper Nutrition



These include foods containing fat and calories, vegetable oils, butter, nuts, sugar, honey, sweets, nibbles, cakes and pies. Of course, you shouldn't do without these foods completely, because they also contain important nutrients, but they should rather be consumed in small quantities.


Eating regularly is just as important as eating healthy. Get used to the three classic meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These are the healthiest for your body. Have breakfast until 11 a.m., as the metabolism is at its peak during this time.

For proper nutrition, pay attention to the composition of your food and give preference to low-fat meat and fish.



This area shows foods that you can enjoy sparingly as side dishes. This includes lean meat and fish, low-fat milk and dairy products and eggs.
Important: When shopping, pay attention to the fat content of these foods, as they can often contain hidden fats.



About 50-55% of the calorie intake should consist of grain products, rice (basmati), legumes and potatoes, as well as fruits and vegetables. You should prefer high-fiber products. Dietary fiber is fiber in plants that have important functions - one of which is their high satiety value. The general fat content of these foods is very low.

Lose weight with our diet system

In order to achieve healthy weight loss, it is essential that the body absorbs the minimum amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in order not to be undersupplied. This would be difficult on a 1000-1500kcal diet. That is why the DEZ meal replacement diet product was developed as a supportive means to:

  • to prevent undersupply,
  • maintain muscle mass,
  • to stimulate pure fat reduction,
  • to enable a change in the customer's eating habits and
  • to carry out weight loss quickly, healthily and effectively.

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