About DEZ

About DEZ: The Diet Concept

The Diet Concept The DEZ diet concept has been around since 1999 and was developed by doctors and nutritionists in order to be able to professionally help people with weight problems to lose weight. The leading nutritionist and patent holder of the concept Mr. Prof. vis. Dr. Dipl.-Oec. troph. Mikail F. Aktas has further developed the program and attaches great importance to the quality of the products and customer satisfaction. Thanks to his initiative, only the best raw materials are used in DEZ products. Due to the high quality and purity of the products, the success rate of successful weight loss for customers between 22 and 50 years is over 90%.

The Goal

The goal of the DEZ concept is to change eating habits and thereby maintain the newly achieved desired weight. This goal will be achieved in 4 major steps. Implementation is child's play and requires minimal motivation. This motivation is made possible by the fact that, for example, a weight reduction of 1-2 kg occurs in the first 2 days. This motivates our customers so much that 95% of all participants (who want to lose more than 15KG) lose at least 10-15KG in just 5-6 weeks - completely healthy and without stressing the body!

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